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About Maurice

Maurice M. Green

Maurice Green is an entrepreneur, speaker, and strategist dedicated to assisting

others in building pathways to financial freedom. As CEO of Gatt Enterprises,

a highly profitable financial consulting firm, Maurice educates, trains, and

advises clients in the areas of personal and business credit management, fiscal

responsibility, and credit transformation.

Maurice’s passion to empower consumers stemmed from his own research and

experience with credit worthiness while attending college. A graduate of Devry

University, Maurice stumbled upon his life’s purpose while completing an academic

paper on credit, leading him to rebuild and transform his own financial portfolio.

As a result, Maurice established himself as an authority in the credit and financial

management field guiding thousands of clients through his membership based

coaching programs that reconstruct credit profiles as wells as educates and equips

clients with the appropriate tools to continue the pathways of credit competence

and financial success.

A sought after speaker and credit strategist Maurice has combined his 10 years of

corporate management experience, personal development, and financial analysis

into a enterprise that serves consumers with an intimate yet professional touch.

His faith, ministry, and message is making a global impact returning power to

consumers and small businesses owners alike during a time when credit worthiness

has become the source for employment, economic well being, and stability.

A father, husband, and minister Maurice embodies faith in action. He is a man on

a mission, with a message for the masses that influences others to embrace their

financial identity with freedom, liberty, and confidence.