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Maurice embodies the definition of a leader.

Leader- The person who leads or commands a group, organization, or company.

Maurice Green embodies the definition of leader, as a husband, minister, father, and business owner he carries out the tasks of leadership daily.

As a minister, he leads in his local church as well as providing mentorship and guidance to others. Maurice’s past tells a story that truly speaks to the testament of faith that he so passionately and affectionately embraces. His vigor for the gospel is contagious and promising.

As a husband and father Maurice leads his family with compassion and integrity. Giving unselfishly and willingly in these roles.

As a business owner Maurice leads in his community. Providing jobs, income, and a stabilization to the community around him. Furthermore, he reaches back to help other business owners grow their businesses, expand their reach, and increase their bottom line.

Faith, family, business, the focus of a true leader. Stating from within and leading throughout.