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As an entrepreneur I am committed to see others succeed in business by providing the proper financial tools for a firm foundation and a strong start.

pic21 I understand  building a company. There are business and financial needs when starting, growing, or expanding your company that have to be met.  Your financial profile can make or break funding opportunities and slow down company growth. With over 10 years of experience in credit transformation, and management I have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs build business credit, obtain proper low cost financing, and gain the proper education on how to use credit and financing within your company.

My goal as an entrepreneur is to share my experiences with others who are setting out on the path of the unknown in business.  I want to help entrepreneurs avoid costly, time-consuming financial mistakes and set them on a pathway to wealth building.

I started Gatt Enterprises over 10 years ago after doing a research paper and being unhappy with my personal credit. I started with a product and services but clientele was slow, building didn’t come immediately and marketing was expensive. I know what starting out without monetary options looks like but I also grew, and educated myself on how to obtain financing and leverage credit to grow my business.

I am in the business of training and developing consumers and entrepreneurs on the importance of using your credit wisely.   Properly established business credit can help the company market better, build more products and services, be more innovative, and beat out their competition.

I want to see entrepreneurs win, even in a time when too many companies fail. It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish, and in order to finish strong in business your financial house to not only be in order it has to be stable.

If your looking for a clear strategy on how to grow your business using a firm financial foundation I am here to help. I have created an amazing model to help entrepreneurs leverage their business credit to generate more money in their business and less worries in their pockets. If your an entrepreneur who has had some challenges in their  personal credit, let’s start there.

As an entrepreneur, I look forward to sharing my experience, expertise, mishaps, and successes with you.

Check out my blog for free resources or email me to discuss your business credit in more detail.